How Radiology Groups and Imaging Services Providers can Leverage Real-Time, Self-Service Analytics; The Leadership Perspective

In our last blog post, we discussed how targeted analytics can help your department become more efficient, yielding higher quality outcomes. It’s time to take a deeper dive into how radiology groups and imaging services providers can benefit from real-time, self-service analytics, starting with the leadership perspective.

The challenges facing the leaders of these organizations have remained tremendously complex over the past decade. Reimbursement rates are under pressure, alternative payment models are popping up, requiring new and detailed measurements, all while competition is increasing from every direction. In order to be effective the leadership of radiology groups and imaging services providers must fully understand both non-clinical and clinical operations, including non-diagnostic clinical activities, and their collective impact on cost, quality of care and reimbursement.

Diverse Leadership Challenges

The entire leadership team must monitor a range of financial, operational and clinical metrics, with the goal of optimizing available resources and maximizing profit margins and revenue, despite the uncertainty caused by new payment models and value-based imaging. Here are some examples of critical areas that must understood so the entire organization can be aligned to support their achievement:

    • Emphasizing activities that lower costs and improve quality
    • Empowering the organization to understand the impact of non-diagnostic activities on costs and reimbursement
    • Ensuring that the group’s clients understand the full clinical and financial value the group provides
    • Implementing tools that build trust across the organization, enabling the organization to quickly improve performance
    • Compliance with registry reporting guidelines
    • Adopting Clinical Decision Support (CDS)
    • Reducing unnecessary imaging

    Accomplishing these requires a detailed, in-depth understanding of the current state of the business and the ability to monitor the organizations progress towards achieving the interim milestones that indicate the organization is moving in the right direction. This is where real-time, self-service analytics comes in, to facilitate immediate insights that bolster timely course corrections, organizational alignment and the requisite behavioral change. Using an independent solution like Foundations™ Radiology allows all users to easily monitor metrics such as:

    • Overall CDS utilization by specialty
    • Referrer or patient follow-up rates by radiologist
    • Prevalence of inappropriate exams by modality and ordering physician
    • Screening exam callback rates by exam type, location or technologist

    Foundations™ Radiology simplifies insights to many other operational and financial trends in easy-to-view formats, giving the radiology practice leadership team a leg up to stay ahead.

    In our next blog post we’ll explore how real-time, self-service analytics can benefit cardiology service line leaders.


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