About Healthlevel

We empower healthcare organizations to improve their operational efficiency with technology that we’ve developed.

HealthLevel was founded in 2010 as a B2B SaaS company with a focus on making business operations data useful for everyone in a healthcare organization, regardless of their experience or skill set. Our flagship solution is Foundations™, a radiology business operations platform, that combines clinical, financial, and operational data to paint a complete picture of a business’s operations.

HealthLevel’s origin was defined by a founding team of healthcare technology professionals. They led business transformation for hospitals and providers with imaging services. These providers had extremely limited visibility into their imaging operations, despite having large data sets of operational activity. The founding HealthLevel team examined their data, established relationships between data points, and provided meaningful interpretations (i.e., insights) about their operational performance. Providers were able to understand the ROI on their medical devices and improve their quality of patient care – simply by realizing the value of their operational data. For the founding HealthLevel team, these initial exercises led to the development of a healthcare platform for driving operational excellence and visibility – a radiology business operations platform now known as Foundations™.

We believe that data should be immediate, informative, and easy to understand. Key to ensuring this are intuitive user experiences, high-performing data engines, and efficient application stacks. We’re also committed to breaking down silos between clinicians and administrators by helping them understand the interdependencies between clinical, financial, and operational data. Through this common source of truth, they drive improvements to operational performance, whether mandated by regulation or patient-demand.

Foundations™ is a radiology business operations platform.

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