About Healthlevel

Our Story

The origin of HealthLevel goes back a decade when the founding team of healthcare technology professional was leading business transformation for hospitals and providers within imaging service facilities. Providers were severely limited in their capabilities to offer insights into imaging operations – insights that could have helped them realize ROI on the medical devices in which they had invested. Imaging in healthcare generates some of the most time critical data for health conditions ranging from benign to life-threatening.  The notion of such a large dataset not yielding value seemed like a huge gap that needed to be closed immediately. This was the impetus for the founders of HealthLevel to develop a generalized platform driving operational excellence and visibility for healthcare providers.

The resulting product, Foundations™, has been successfully deployed in imaging centers, and teleradiology practices leading to significant workflow efficiencies and cost savings. With a presence at a multitude of client sites, our largest deployment supports over 5000 users with radiology orders from dozens of inpatient and outpatient provider facilities. We believe this is just the tip of the iceberg and HealthLevel is poised for growth in an industry that is increasingly looking to risk-shared arrangements as a way to optimize costs and realize efficiencies in the delivery of clinical care.

Our Vision

Breathing data into your life.

Our Mission

HealthLevel is a SaaS company that provides a Healthcare Business Operations Platform by integrating clinical, financial and operations data into a “single source of truth” and presenting it in near real-time in a transparent visual form. Our mission is to engage Healthcare team members in the optimization of their individual and their organization’s performance.

We make data do its work so that providers can do theirs.

Innovation with Quality

We think out of the box. We destroy silos to permit collaboration for limitless creativity.  We are curious and not afraid to take risks.  

Integrity with Transparency

We pride ourselves that we always do the right thing.
We operate with transparency by communicating internally and externally with honesty and respect. 

Humility with Compassion

We approach people and problems with empathy. We promote a culture of openness and respect, where everyone can be themselves. 

As a company we learn something new everyday and we expect our associates to do the same.

Fun and Respectful

Our associates enjoy an atmosphere of respect with mentors that help them develop their careers but above all, they have fun helping our customers provide more efficient solutions to their everyday business operations.

We are the creators of Foundations™.

Get a complete picture of all your radiology data!