A Complete Picture of Your Radiology Operations

Foundations™ is a radiology business operations platform. By combining financial, clinical, and operational data, it uses analytics to paint a complete picture of a business’s operations. It engages every team member to confidently take actions that improve productivity and increase the bottom line.

The intuitive, visualization interface is easy enough for any staff to use, regardless of their technical background. Clinicians and administrators can monitor performance for opportunities to improve patient care and operating efficiency. By making the same knowledge available to the whole team (i.e., a single source of truth), it breaks down silos between staff and builds trust in data, leading to an overall improvement of the business.

An Analytics Dashboard for Every Staff Member

Foundations™ has a visualization interface that’s intuitive enough for any staff member to use. Dashboards are personalized for individual roles to maximize the value of information presented to them. Foundations™ uses the same data sources for all dashboards, ensuring alignment around organizational performance goals. Below are just a few examples of the types of reports available in Foundations™. Click on an example to enlarge.

Modern Capabilities for Modern Times

Foundations™’ capabilities are extended through modules that meets the needs of the evolving radiology landscape. They scale operations by maximizing operational efficiency, improving productivity & staff morale, and increasing the bottom line.

Foundations™ Peer Review

This solution provides a quick, easy way to conduct a positive peer review program with minimal administrative effort and without bias. It reimagines the peer review process to increase participation rates, lower costs, and improve clinical quality. With increasing staff shortages, stress, and burnout, Foundations™ provides a peer review solution to help ensure the safest and highest quality imaging care is provided to patients. Learn more.

Foundations™ Protocoling

This intuitive, efficient solution assigns the appropriate protocol to exams. Its advanced approach leads to better consistency with protocoling, a streamlined protocol process, and the delivery of necessary procedure information to radiologists and technologists. In the face of inefficient, labor intensive protocoling solutions, Foundations™ elevates the protocoling experience to drive accountability and improvements to clinical quality.

Foundations™ STAT Portal

This is an intuitive solution for the rapid management of STAT cases. Its robust functionality gives referring practices the ability to quickly deliver caseload requests. STAT Portal provides teleradiology groups emergency access to patient data, allows criteria to be fine-tuned for case acceptance, and provides a workflow experience that ensures timely turnarounds. With increasing demand for teleradiology services, Foundations™ STAT Portal provides an efficient, effective way to scale the management of critical cases.

Foundations™ Drives Results

See what our customers achieved with Foundations™:

Growth of the Business

  • Increased the number of exams by 88%.
  • Boosted billed charges by 22%.
  • Sustained a 6-10% increase in higher margins.

Increased Efficiency of Operations

  • Improved report turnaround time (TAT) by 77%.
  • Converted 20% overstaffing to 5% headroom.
  • Reduced variation in distribution of staff workload.

Improved Clinical Quality

  • Reduced rate of complications per case.
  • Improved documentation quality on fields such as workflow states, radiation, and case details.
  • Improved overall clinical outcomes for patients.

Improved Physician Engagement

  • Reduced contrast usage by 30%.
  • Engaged over 90% of physicians on a daily basis.
  • Experienced a 36% decline in cases with an Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) indicator.

Empowered Clinicians

Clinicians are no longer burdened with the tedious task of constructing complex reports.

With Foundations™, operational data is combined from disparate systems (e.g., DICOM, PACS, EMR, Modality, etc.) and presented as real-time metrics dashboards that are tailored for each clinical role. This reporting provides immediate, actionable insights that inform decisions that lead to improved patient health outcomes. Clinicians can quickly track their own performance against peers or goals, and they can use predictive insights for effective scheduling and worklist management. Partner telemedicine sites also see the same data so that they can effectively manage and improve capacity, outcomes, and performance.

Improved Business Operations

Leaders can access reports that provide them with actionable insights.

Foundations™ makes businesses more efficient by identifying correlations and historical patterns related to operating efficiencies. Executives can access personalized, confidential reports that inform their strategic decisions. Management can make immediate improvements to day-to-day operations. Real-time reports present clinical & operational data in real-time so time-sensitive activities can be addressed with meaningful insights, such as how to improve patient flow through the care pathway. Finally, by delivering real-time, actionable insights, Foundations™ eliminates costs associated with manually producing performance reports.

Partnered with IT

IT professionals can rely on a secure, HIPAA compliant reporting solution.

Foundations™ is SaaS software that can be fully managed by IT staff, whether it’s hosted in the cloud or onsite. For example, data streams from any interfaced system can be easily maintained through Foundations™ . Users, their roles, and security access is controlled through an administrative portal. New departments can be enabled with dashboard reporting (historical and real-time) for delivery of critical knowledge needed for assessing and improving performance.



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