A Complete Picture of All Your Data

Foundations™ combines financial, clinical, and operations data, making the complete picture available to your whole team through an intuitive, visualization user interface. In addition to discovering new insights about the operation, clinicians, staff, and administrators can monitor dashboards that highlight inefficiencies and show what is needed to improve patient care and run a successful business.

Benefits and Successes

Foundations™ is the single “source of truth”, enabling every team member to take action with confidence. 

The following are results achieved by some of our Radiology customers:

Accurate Reporting and Performance Metrics

  • 22% increase in billed charges
  • 86% growth in number of exams
  • 20% overstaffing converted to 5% headroom

Efficient Operations

  • Improved documentation quality on fields such as workflow states, radiation, case details, etc.
  • Reduced room idle times
  • Decreased case delays
  • Reduced variation in distribution of staff workload

Visibility of Clinical Outcomes

  • Reduced rate of complications per case
  • Improved overall clinical outcomes for patients

Engage Physicians

  • 77% improvement in report turnaround time (TAT)
  • 30% reduction in contrast usage
  • 36% decline in number of cases with Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) indicator

Foundations™ was the enabling technology that really allowed us to grow our business.”

-National Radiology Director

  • Prediction and Scenario Modeling

    Forecasting with scenario modeling improves your ability to increase quality and efficiency while growing your business and your margins.

  • Financial Targets

    Alignment and Engagement: Engaging the entire organization with individual objectives aligned to the corporate goals ensures staff help achieve the expected results.

  • Operational Efficiency

    Improving Efficiency and Consistency: Customers are not only improving their overall efficiency and performance, but also the consistency in their workflows and work practices with rich insight and actionability.

  • MD Comparison

    Individual Professional Responsibility: Engaging staff with personalized confidential comparisons encourages performance improvement in a positive competitive environment.

  • Clinical Quality Improvement

    Measurable Clinical Outcomes and Performance: Measurable and actionable opportunities, become evident from the integration of clinical, financial and operational data resulting in improvements in clinical quality and patient care.

  • Financial Analysis

    Financial Accountability: Visibility of top and bottom lines and progress towards individual and corporate objectives.

  • Improving Access to Care

    Actionability with Enriched Insight: Improve your efficiency, outcomes and patient services by monitoring the important attributes and making wise changes when necessary.

  • Resource Utilization

    Manage Resources: Ensure that Your facilities, staff and equipment are used to maximum effect.

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see!”

-Henry David Thoreau

Clinical Operations

Foundations™ empowers clinicians by providing real-time operational information presented visually for immediate and actionable consumption leading to improved patient health outcomes.  Clinicians need a fast and easy way to track their performance against peers and goals, to understand clinical metrics and trends and to continually improve on the quality of patient care.  Foundations™ combines data from disparate systems in the client solution landscape for example DICOM, PACS, EMR, Modality, etc., to provide predictive insights into scheduling and worklist management. Real time and historical operations data are used to correlate metrics and view dashboards and reports to enable informed decision making. With role-based access to data, the simplicity of our solution eliminates tedious report requirements and eases the burden of constructing complex reports for the end user. With a few clicks, clinicians and partner telemedicine sites have access to all their data, to manage and improve capacity, outcomes and performance. 

Business Operations

Foundations™ analytics software provides a unified perspective to management so they can improve and measure operational efficiencies, engage and lead with real-time data metrics and reports, meant for direct consumption by an executive audience and leadership.

With role-based access to workflows, users securely access departmental data, and, through intuitively designed visualization dashboards, identify correlations and historical patterns with real-time data. This promotes meaningful clinical and operational insights for time sensitive activities.  As a business executive you can have your own personalized, confidential data that helps you stay ahead as a leader.  Foundations™ eliminates time-consuming tasks involved in reporting and tracking, by providing instant information on any data metric,  removing business inefficiencies and improving patient flow through the care pathway.

IT Operations

With Foundations™, a cloud-based secure HIPAA compliant solution,  IT can enable departments to view relevant real-time dashboards and run reports that are critical to assessing and improving their performance.  IT professionals can easily manage and maintain data streams from any interfaced system using Foundations™.  User access and security is managed easily through an admin portal, so that IT can provide their customers with role based real-time and historical data that enables efficient analytics and reporting to answer questions for individually relevant measures.

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