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Clinical Quality Improvement and Analytics Platform

The Information Technology department has the responsibility of recommending, installing, and supporting the clinical, financial, and operational systems that radiology practices rely on, while also protecting them from cybersecurity threats. Successful IT leadership must also ensure these expensive systems are fully utilized by identifying new opportunities to extend their value.

The most successful IT leaders at radiology practices have found that the only way to fully achieve these goals is by leveraging real-time, self-service analytics that provide immediate insights with sufficient granularity across the entire data spectrum.

Key Benefits of Foundations™ for IT

  • Unifies and analyzes data from disparate clinical and operational IT systems.
  • Reduces the burden on IT staff so they can focus on business critical needs that benefit the bottom line.
  • Differentiates your practice from the competition by providing hospital clients with valuable performance statistics.
  • Quickly and cost effectively empowers the business.

Practice IT Challenges

  • Implement analytics without complicating the IT infrastructure, even as mergers and acquisitions introduce new system integration demands.
  • Cost-effectively support a secure and compliant analytics initiative without having to implement expensive data warehousing technologies.
  • Extract additional value from existing IT investments by making data available to enhance decision-making.

Example insight: Exposing imaging modality utilization across locations 1) identifies underused resources and 2) tracks utilization against reimbursement. It can also highlight any overuse that might indicate inappropriate ordering of certain exams by referring physicians.

Unique Foundations™ Capabilities

  1. Implemented in weeks, not months.
  2. Integrates with a wide range of clinical, financial, and operational IT systems, via a unique data model that simplifies the ingestion process.
  3. Offers a progressive disclosure and discovery engine that magnifies the ability to see behind and across wide swaths of data.
  1. Supports self-service dashboards, canned & customized reports, and real-time data mining.
  2. Foundations™ is a future-proof platform, with open APIs enabling it to be extended and integrated with.

Metadata analytics: Exposing the most popular canned and custom reports can help IT identify data integration bottlenecks that impact data and report availability.

Practice IT leaders need to look for unusual system utilization behaviors that may be related to cybersecurity threats.

Extensive auditing tools are part of Foundations™. Its capabilities simplify monitoring of user activities, such as report creation and system access.

Why Foundations™ is Different

Foundations™ is a configurable, real-time management solution that combines clinical, financial, and operational data in real-time, with historical data so that you can drive your business to success. We enable authorized users to discover important correlations and trends, with the ability to drill down into the information. This data is then enriched and delivered to users in a personalized manner via role-based access.

Designed to be used by business leaders, radiologists, and IT staff, Foundations™ makes it easy to understand, plan, and track short, medium, and long-term objectives. It also helps identify the clinical outliers that improve quality, reimbursement, and patient satisfaction.

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