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Clinical Quality Improvement and Analytics Platform

Radiologists are being asked to maximize their productivity and efficiency, despite increasing demands on their time. To do so requires an understanding of the amount of time spent on both diagnostic and nondiagnostic reporting activities, as well as their impact on the quality of care and reimbursement. Most radiologists don’t have these tools.

This is particularly crucial in light of addressing the demands of new payment models and value-based imaging, while ensure compliance with quality reporting guidelines. The only successful way to track individual progress in these areas is to leverage real-time, self-service analytics that develop awareness and establish an effective, timely feedback loop.

Key Benefits of Foundations™ for Radiologists

  • Provides immediate feedback on activities that improve quality and reduce costs.
  • Quickly asks and answers questions that can improve performance and lead to increased patient satisfaction.
  • Monitors individual progress against colleagues and toward reporting goals.
  • Creates personalized dashboards and reports.

Radiologist Challenges

  • Understand the clinical value of nondiagnostic activities such as imaging appropriateness, critical results, decision support, and follow-up recommendations.
  • Evaluate individual productivity and quality performance improvement against goals.
  • Obtain timely feedback that can be used to quickly improve one’s own performance.
  • Track outcome measures, improvement activities, care information, and cost measures under the new MIPS plans.

Physician engagement improves when individuals are empowered with operational data.

Access to visual feedback can help individuals maximize their contribution to productivity and revenue.

Unique Foundations™ Capabilities

  1. Consumes and combines granular, real-time clinical, financial, and operational information into a highly useful analytics reporting tool.
  2. Offers a progressive disclosure and discovery engine that magnifies the ability to see behind and across wide swaths of data.
  1. Supports dashboards, canned & customized reports, and real-time data mining.
  2. Algorithmically derives unique insights using site-specific inputs from clinical, financial, and operational IT systems.

Foundations™ enables radiologists to gain unique insights and alignment toward common goals, by comparing their performance with their peers across a number of parameters.

Empower radiologists to monitor their progress toward individual goals. For example, they can maximize the number of imaging studies, while minimizing patient wait times and report turn-around-times.

Why Foundations™ is Different

Foundations™ is a configurable, real-time management solution that combines clinical, financial, and operational data in real-time, with historical data so that you can drive your business to success. We enable authorized users to discover important correlations and trends, with the ability to drill down into the information. This data is then enriched and delivered to users in a personalized manner via role-based access.

Designed to be used by business leaders, radiologists, and IT staff, Foundations™ makes it easy to understand, plan, and track short, medium, and long-term objectives. It also helps identify the clinical outliers that improve quality, reimbursement, and patient satisfaction.

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