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Clinical Quality Improvement and Analytics Platform

Being the leader of a radiology group has become increasingly more challenging over the past decade. Reimbursement rates are under pressure, alternative payment models are requiring new and detailed measurements, and new competition has appeared from a variety of directions. An effective leader must fully understand both nonclinical and clinical operations, including nondiagnostic clinical activities, and their collective impact on quality of care and reimbursement.

Detailed, in-depth data analysis is crucial for ensuring that business strategies align with new payment models, comply with quality reporting guidelines, and meet the demands of value-based imaging. Ensuring rapid progress toward these goals requires real-time, self-service analytics for immediate insights and timely decision-making.

Key Benefits of Foundations™ for Practice Leadership

  • Conveys the financial viability of business models and service lines in light of changing reimbursements.
  • Tracks and reports the performance of service-level agreement goals.
  • Facilitates the provision of analytics services to hospital clients.
  • Eliminates the need for dedicated data analysts.

Practice Leadership Challenges

  • Emphasize activities that lower costs and improve quality.
  • Empower the organization to understand the impact of nondiagnostic activities on costs and reimbursement.
  • Ensure the organization’s clients understand the full clinical and financial value being provided.
  • Implement tools that build trust across the organization and enables the organization to quickly improve performance.

Foundations™ depicts key financial and operational trends to provide practice leaders with the summary views they need to steer the business.

For example, operational and revenue cycle information can be summarized with red/green-colored indicators about progress towards goals.

Unique Foundations™ Capabilities

  1. Consumes and combines granular, real-time clinical, financial, and operational information into a highly useful analytics reporting tool.
  2. Supports dashboards, canned & customized reports, and real-time data mining.
  1. Offers a progressive disclosure and discovery engine that magnifies the ability to see behind and across wide swaths of data.
  2. Algorithmically derives unique insights and predicts future events using site-specific inputs.

Users can gain unique insights with Foundations™ by integrating information from multiple sources.

Here, three departments are identified as having challenges with accounts receivable collections, when viewed against other departments.

Comparing staff schedules to resource and operational data is a powerful way to optimize capacity planning. Refining required vs. scheduled staff resources can minimize patient and physician wait times, improve customer satisfaction, and control costs.

Why Foundations™ is Different

Foundations™ is a configurable, real-time management solution that combines clinical, financial, and operational data in real-time, with historical data so that you can drive your business to success. We enable authorized users to discover important correlations and trends, with the ability to drill down into the information. This data is then enriched and delivered to users in a personalized manner via role-based access.

Designed to be used by business leaders, radiologists, and IT staff, Foundations™ makes it easy to understand, plan, and track short, medium, and long-term objectives. It also helps identify the clinical outliers that improve quality, reimbursement, and patient satisfaction.

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