Who We Serve


Our customers are Healthcare organizations that want to understand their current performance and have a strong desire to improve it. By bringing together previously siloed operational, clinical and financial data, we provide a complete picture of how your business is functioning. Our Foundations™ product is a comprehensive data platform that supports individual workspaces for everyone in the organization, be they clinicians, technicians or administration staff. Everyone has a secure view into the data that is relevant to their role and the whole team is aligned and working to achieve corporate objectives.

Our Customers

Foundations™ was developed in conjunction with our first customer the VA. It is the heart of the VA National Teleradiology Program and is now also deployed in many VA health Centers. We continue to serve the VA radiology market as well as commercial radiology enterprises. But Foundations™ is not limited to Radiology. It is a platform that can be used to support large physician groups, hospital departments and healthcare clinics. In fact, anywhere that patients are being served and there is a need to do so with optimal use of clinicians, equipment and time, Foundations™ can provide a real-time view of business operations and insight to possible improvements. Our Foundations™ product is used by more than 6,500 healthcare professionals and 125 Medical Centers/Health Systems – touching the lives of more than 3 million patients.

Foundations™ from HealthLevel not only gave us the ability to understand the weaknesses in our operation but also presented actionable insights that enabled us to improve the timeliness and efficacy of our patient care.”

– National Radiology Director

Data Doesn't Lie

With Foundations™ single source-of-truth there is no dispute about what is really happening in your business.  Everyone is on the same page.

Optimize Staff and Equipment

See how to schedule your clinical resources and your equipment to optimally match demand, reducing costs and deferring unnecessary expenditure.

One Direction

Ensure your team members are aligned with your shared corporate objectives, monitoring and measuring their own progress towards common goals every day.

Our Commitment

When HealthLevel engages with you as a customer, we do so as your partner. We are as committed to your success as your own team. We bring together your operational, financial and clinical data and highlight any inconsistencies or conflicts for resolution. There is no limit on the number of Foundations™ users so we help you deploy our SaaS platform in a manner that suits every member of your team, engaging them in support of your corporate objectives. We provide a number of standard dashboards that can easily be tailored to suit your organization and we help you develop your own. We are proud of our data security, our system uptime and our customer service. Partner with HealthLevel and see the difference.

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