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Put Some Beer in Their Fridge!

If you are a hospital radiology manager or executive, you may view the radiology group you have contracted with as all take and no give, just like that annoying nephew who keeps drinking all your beer.  Sure, they do a fine job reading your exams, but you pay them handsomely for it, and they keep […]

“Help me to help you” – Jerry McGuire

After using this blog to explore the opportunities for radiology group and cardiology service line leaders to use real-time, self-service analytics to drive change, I would now like to look at how radiologists can use radiology analytics themselves to understand their own behaviors and performance. In this “run fast or get swallowed” world, radiologists must […]

How Radiology Groups and Imaging Services Providers can Leverage Real-Time, Self-Service Analytics; The Leadership Perspective

In our last blog post, we discussed how targeted analytics can help your department become more efficient, yielding higher quality outcomes. It’s time to take a deeper dive into how radiology groups and imaging services providers can benefit from real-time, self-service analytics, starting with the leadership perspective. The challenges facing the leaders of these organizations […]

Fishing From the Queen Mary

As Parag mentioned in our last blog post, monolithic enterprise analytics platforms are not designed  to empower departmental end users to quickly pose questions and get timely answers. Rather, the  process of identifying sufficiently detailed and actionable information is an iterative one, benefitting  from a short time span between receiving reports and gathering new information. […]