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CQI – It Doesn’t Stand for ‘Cardiologists Quietly Indoctrinated’

CQI stands for Continuous Quality Improvement, but to achieve cardiology CQI requires that everyone, including the physicians, adapt and change to the new program.   We all know that changing our behavior can be challenging in the best of circumstances! Trying to achieve clinical, financial or operational improvement through staff behavioral changes can therefore be […]

Improved Cardiology Profitability Is Within Reach

Private radiology groups and their leadership can reap significant benefits from using real-time, self-service analytics, as we examined in our last blog post. Those looking to improve the profitability, operational performance and clinical quality of other clinical specialties can also benefit from these tools. In this blog I would like to explore the opportunity to […]

Everyone Claims Analytics are Helpful; But How Can I Use Them?

In our last blog post we discussed the importance of using the right analytics tool for the job, and clarified the important roles of enterprise versus departmental analytics. Now that we understand they both play vital but separate roles in healthcare organizations, how will targeted analytics help my department become more efficient and yield higher […]

The Role of Real-Time, Self-Service Analytics in Healthcare

Enterprise analytic platforms play a valuable role because of their ability to collect big data that can be warehoused and mined across the healthcare organization. They are often used successfully to solve complex problems, such as: • Risk stratify capitated patient populations, • Provide insight into supply chain improvements, and • Ferret out revenue cycle […]

How to Use Data Analytics to Engage Physicians

How to Use Data Analytics to Engage Physicians Gaining alignment is a daunting task without tools to establish trust in the current state of an organization and confidence in its goals and direction for the future. The pathway to that future state is supported and paved by “insight” driven from data through analytics. Read Article […]