HealthLevel had a big year in 2021, hitting a number of customer implementation milestones. We thought you would be interested in the following summary of them.

  • All of the 7 VA radiology sites in Florida are now live with the company’s SaaS Business Operations Platform called Foundations. One site has implemented electronic protocoling with impressive efficiency and performance gains.
  • The VA National Teleradiology Program – the company’s first customer, now has more than 7,000 online users.
  • The VA Minneapolis Radiology department implemented new Foundations modules that provide a focus on the flow of patients through the organization, enabling them to improve patient safety, increase service quality, and provide a better patient experience.
  • We announced the introduction of ‘action stacks’ to further emphasize our focus on using the insight arising from Foundations to drive business operations, leading to greater efficiency and a better bottom line for our customers.
  • On the company side, we have doubled our size over the course of 2021, to better support our customers and increase our focus on product development.

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