Data, without analytics, can be meaningless. For analytics to be useful, it must be interpreted into knowledge that can be understood by anyone, regardless of their analytical or technical background. Only then can this knowledge be used to derive meaningful insights, and taking action on these insights can lead to:

  • Improved capacity planning and utilization.
  • Decreased time for making informed decisions.
  • Increased organizational collaboration and trust.
  • The ability to quantify value and contribute to quality.

A business operations platform is a powerful tool for accessing these insights. It helps you understand and improve your healthcare business by bringing your staff closer to actionable information. When applied to radiology, for example, it can deliver actionable insights by combining real-time clinical, financial, and operational data from disparate clinical IT systems.

Foundations is an enterprise-grade, healthcare business operations platform. It generates actionable insights by integrating real-time information from multiple disparate enterprise and radiology IT systems. It empowers radiology staff and leadership with the knowledge to derive actionable insights that improve productivity and reduce costs while facilitating staff engagement and management.

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