Healthcare organizations have slowly begun adopting digital technologies enabling new business models that can address the challenges of increasing demand and escalating costs. However, despite investing heavily in digital initiatives, healthcare institutions are still struggling to obtain the insight that could really drive critical action. In part, this is due to the disparate nature of the various systems and the siloed data storage of their deployments. This in turn inhibits a majority of healthcare institutions from making the most of their Big Data and data analytics capabilities. Moreover, without the ability to extract actionable insights from the various datasets within their organizations, healthcare CIOs are like deers in the headlights— they do not know which way to move to gain desired efficiencies, which in turn, hinders the development of a positive ROI for their often substantial spend.

Addressing this challenge with its unique and innovative healthcare analytics software platform—Foundations—is California-based HealthLevel Inc. The company’s solution is purpose-built to help healthcare organizations level the playing field with respect to leveraging Big Data by providing capabilities such as real-time insight extraction as well as data-driven forecasting and prediction models without the need to write complex code. “Foundations not only offers the ability to discover new insights for improvement in the clinical side of things but also provides critical information on how to enhance the efficiencies of operational management and leadership,” says Parag Paranjpe, CEO at HealthLevel.

Demystifying Healthcare Big Data

The idea that spurred the inception of HealthLevel came to Paranjpe when he was working as a product manager at a leading medical imaging company over a decade ago. During his journey across several leading healthcare firms, the problem that always seemed to find itself hindering efficient operations was the lack of data-driven insights. As a result, Paranjpe started thinking about a solution that could assist healthcare professionals in better understanding their data and showing them how to leverage it to boost the efficiencies of operational, clinical, and financial processes. One of the essential components of this was to bring together and “rationalize” the siloed data forming a single source of truth that could be utilized as references by everyone in the healthcare organization. Subsequently, by utilizing his industry network to gain feedback and information on the evolving healthcare market, Paranjpe started HealthLevel in 2010 and developed a platform — Foundations — specially designed to be a real-time business operations analytics platform.

HealthLevel’s platform is easy-to-deploy and scale, owing to its SaaS-based architecture. In fact, all a user needs before experiencing the benefits of Foundations is a business login credential and the relevant access privilege. A prime example of the user-friendly nature of the platform is a client case study where HealthLevel was able to deploy Foundations across 125 medical centers and 6000 users without the need to perform a single training program. At the same time, Foundations’ no-code infrastructure eliminates the need to interact with IT teams for the smallest of requirement changes. Instead of the traditional approach, HealthLevel’s platform utilizes ‘pallets,’ which are familiar healthcare business concepts that simplify the process of interacting with large datasets without assistance from data scientists or the IT department.

“Our customers find this to be very high value because they are able to create new insights that are actionable and publishable to a large number of users quickly and with ease,” adds Paranjpe. Furthermore, Foundations boasts a strong data governance module, which ensures that users only get to observe the data they are given access to and safeguards data from being misused by malicious parties.

Foundations not only offers the ability to discover new insights for improvement in the clinical side of things, but also provides critical information on how to enhance the efficiencies of operational management and leadership.

Similarly, in the case of integrating with third-party software and hardware, HealthLevel’s platform leverages ‘smart connectors’ that fetch data from external systems (Active Connector) and correlates data from different sources (Passive Connector) into that single source of truth. Foundations also contains a very rich set of APIs that enable the collection of data from consumer facing mobile apps as well as HIS, LIS, RIS and the like.

Delivering Unmatched Value through Insights

With such unparalleled capabilities, HealthLevel has ignited several success stories since its inception. In one instance, the company assisted a healthcare institution in managing the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, guaranteeing a continuum of care. At the outbreak’s start, the customer realized that their care delivery processes could not continue with their existing infrastructure due to the infectious restrictions and the high volume of patients. With HealthLevel and Foundations, the healthcare organization was able to identify the inefficiencies across all seven of their medical centers, to gain real-time insights on their status and to predict their future using data-driven forecasting. As a result, medical officers at the Health System were able to quickly analyze their datasets, extract actionable insights in real-time, and engage with their patients in an efficient and consistent manner.

A Future of Promise

Similar to this success story, HealthLevel has assisted a plethora of healthcare systems of varying sizes over the last decade. The company, with the deep expertise of its small but highly competent team, has expanded from its initial radiology focus to cardiology and even to payers, The company’s significant investments in both the commercialization and engineering fronts have really led to an innovative SaaS platform that provides unparalleled power in an easy-to-use manner for all personnel in the organization. In light of this, HealthLevel has successfully signed, renewed, and maintained its customers over many years. In fact, the company’s oldest client is its founding customer, which is a partnership that has continued to expand in value, building on the evolving capabilities of Foundations.

Looking ahead, HealthLevel aims to further expand the application of its Foundations platform and spread awareness of the importance of business operations analytics in the Healthcare Enterprise. In pursuit of this, HealthLevel has already developed a roadmap for the next decade where the company plans to collaborate with the top players in healthcare to position themselves effectively to drive the expansion of the Foundations user-base.

To conclude, Paranjpe reiterates the ethos of his company, “We will continue our role as the single source of truth enabling healthcare organizations to manage, forecast, and control their businesses while enhancing the efficiencies of not just specific organizational facets, but their overall operations.”

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