A Medscape Radiologist Lifestyle, Happiness & Burnout Report* found that nearly a quarter of radiologists were feeling burnt out. Among the top contributing factors were:

  • Spending too many hours at work
  • Lack of control/autonomy
  • Insufficient compensation/reimbursement

When we feel burned out, it is a reality because of the hours spent at work, in the line of patient care. In asking radiologists and staff what could be done, other than the obvious answers, (e.g., reduced hours, more freedom, raised salaries, etc.) one theme consistently comes up, lack of transparency and trust.

How a Business Operations Platform Can Help

A well-built business operations platform can reduce burnout among radiologists and radiology staff by first improving the transparency in and across the organization, in performance metrics and doing so efficiently. It promotes visibility into performance (individual and organization-wide), encourages communication between team members, and empowers them to focus on their primary job functions. Improving transparency immediately reduces stress due to lack of information. The trustworthy insight improves autonomy and accountability. And showing the radiologists their contribution to the business and patient care, helps ease the compensation conversations. These areas are often overlooked, but when addressed, can increase job satisfaction and reduce burnout. Here are a few examples of how it can alleviate burnout:

  • Builds trust: A business operations platform puts all data in one place and delivers it in an interactive manner. So, users know where the data comes from and they can trust and check it, if needed, very efficiently. This builds collaboration between team members and across the organization.
  • Saves time: Nobody wants to debate compensation and time without data. The problem is the data itself. Static charts and tables waste time on data debates and increases the stress and concerns. Interactive, personalized insights built on the same data that management uses saves a lot of time for everyone: radiologists, staff, supervisors, leadership, and the CIO with IT department.
  • Highlight performance and impact: Employers have expectations. And many times, these expectations are tied to pay and productivity bonuses. A business operations platform can give team members, including radiologists and technologists, quick and easy access to their performance. Dashboards offer important insights like the number of studies, duration of read times, and financial impact.
  • Improve patient care: Patients get better care when providers are engaged, and services are accessible. Conversely, the risk of burnout can increase when services are limited and care providers feel they are underperforming. When a radiology business uses a business operations platform, the operational efficiency leads to improved availability of services and happier providers who deliver better patient care.

A business operations platform pulls information from all available data sources and presents it in one place for everyone to analyze, understand, and act upon. Improving transparency efficiently with useful data and personalized insights can help the entire staff (e.g., radiologists, technologists, support staff) reduce the top reasons for burnout. With personalized insights, they have better control over their tasks and have easier conversations with managers about compensation. Management and radiologists also have better insights into hours needed to deliver patient care.

* https://www.medscape.com/slideshow/2021-lifestyle-radiologist-6013524#4

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