A business operations platform unifies multiple data sources in near real-time and efficiently delivers personalized, trustworthy, and actionable insights to a large number of users across and deep into the organization.

The benefits of a business operations platform are reflected in the top-line and bottom-line performance improvements because of the improvement in staff efficiency as well as elimination of data quality debates across the organization (radiologists, technologists, scheduling and support staff, supervisors, and the C-Suite).

While data analytics and reporting are one aspect of a business operations platform, the needs of an organization are no longer being fully met by reporting or data warehousing tools. A longer discussion is the “why”.

Characteristics of a Business Operations Platform

1. Trustworthy and Actionable Insights Through a Single Tool

Trust is built when the receiver of the insight or data is able to check it efficiently. Trust comes from interacting with the insight and being able to check into the details – efficiently.

A business operations platform takes data from the source and delivers it directly to its intended audience as actionable insights. It correlates clinical, operational, and financial data from systems like RIS, PACS, dictation platforms, an EMR (or EHR), claims, billing, and reimbursements. It provides a complete and transparent picture of the business for the entire staff. Because a business operations platform spans multiple applications, there are several benefits and efficiencies to be gained. Instead of using reports from each application (RIS, PACS, Dictation, MRS, etc.), all the data is available interactively in one place – single source of trust and trust. Analytic driven workflows – the power of correlating data ensures the right work is driven to the users with the complete information. They can then do the actions in their individual clinical or operational applications such as RIS or PACS etc.

2. Accessible to a Large Number of Users and Decision Makers

Try getting interactive insight to 7000 users across the organization, with high security and tight data governance. In radiology, RIS, PACS, reporting engines simply do not meet the contemporary needs of enabling large number of users – your entire organization from leadership to frontlines – to drive actions with useful insight. This is a characteristic of a business operations platforms – drive useful insight to large number of users efficiently.

The platform is easy to use because it is designed to be easy to use fast and stable. To reach a large user population, the CIO would rightfully be concerned about scalability, training needs and cost – user licensing and operational support of large population.

Because there are no limits on the number of users and the design for mass-adoption, everyone of leadership to the frontlines have the same user experience, interactive and build trust. This leads to adoption by all staff. It informs decisions, improving the efficiency of job functions and the overall business. This promotes alignment between staff, time savings (single source for insights and data), and reduced operating costs (zero-training, fewer or no complaints about data trustworthiness).

A business operations platform eliminates the mismatch between what leadership uses and what the staff needs – insights and actionability for the masses

3. Real-Time Data

Historical data can’t tell you what’s happening right now. Real-time alerts with flashing lights cannot provide context and lead to alarm fatigue. In contrast, a business operations platform can combine real-time data with historical data to deliver actionable insights with context. A business operations platform informs real-time decisions that drive daily tasks, and the same platform drives supervisory and leadership decisions to make systemic changes.


A business operations platform unifies multiple data sources in near real-time while maintaining, even improving data integrity, and it efficiently delivers trustworthy, personalized, actionable insights to the entire organization – the masses. It informs staff throughout the organization (including leadership) so that better decisions can be made. Communication, trust, and alignment is improved between staff. Ultimately, this leads to improved operating efficiencies that improve the net margins for the business.

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