Since 2010, our customers have been using Foundations™, our radiology business operations platform, to drive higher volumes, make operations more efficient, and improve their bottom lines. Throughout the course of this time, they’ve shared their unique stories with us – stories about how Foundations™ made a positive impact on their work lives and their organizations. Below, we share their stories* with you so you can read first-hand about their specific situations and experiences.

Foundations™ real-time analytics improved operational efficiency and clinical quality. A customer in Florida shared, “Being able to see, in real time, unfulfilled pending orders is huge for us. The solutions we had [before Foundations™] didn’t come close to giving us the ability to get this data efficiently or take action on it. If we had to go back [to a time before Foundations™], we would lose our efficiency and quality outcomes!”

Foundations™ provided accurate, detailed data when other solutions couldn’t. A radiologist shared with us, “I had a review with our Chief [using data from a well-established competitive product]. After looking at RVU productivity, I immediately said, ‘I worked harder than that!’ Once I went into Foundations™, not only could I see the correct RVU data for the past quarters, I could see exactly where the data came from. The department now gets their insights into performance from Foundations™. This ability immediately reduced complaints and stress.”

Foundations™ presented the entire picture of care. A department lead in Florida gave an example. “To see if overnight work was completed, I used to look up every case in the EHR and check the status. Then, I needed to look up the patient room number, the requesting physician, and even track down the technologist that performed the exam. In Foundations™, I can see all of this in one glance. I don’t even have to touch my keyboard or mouse! Even the EHR doesn’t present the full picture from an end user’s perspective.”

Foundations™ improved operational workflow. Another trusted partner in Florida told us, “Foundations™’ ability to enter and display comments at a glance saves us so much time. We didn’t even know we needed it. Before Foundations™, we would do a shift change with a formal hand-off that took time from each staff member. Now, we use the comments section within Foundations™ to pass along the necessary information. Foundations™ is far beyond an analytics or reporting tool. It supercharges our practice’s workflows in a seamless way. Everyone [in our organization] uses Foundations™.”

A Solution for Every Situation

Every one of our customer’s needs are as unique as the problems that they face. From data accuracy to operational efficiency, Foundations™ is a means to increase productivity, drive visibility, and make their operations more efficient. To learn more, contact us or visit our Foundations™ page.

* We have agreed to our customers’ requests to maintain their anonymity due to their organizations non-promotion policies.

HealthLevel is the creator of Foundations™, a radiology business operations platform. By combining financial, clinical, and operational data, it uses analytics to paint a complete picture of a business’s operations. It engages every team member to confidently take actions that improve productivity and increase the bottom line. Learn more.

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