This year’s RSNA annual event in Chicago proved to be both engaging and highly productive for the HealthLevel team. Despite the chill of the post-Thanksgiving weather, we had a phenomenal time meeting people from all over the U.S. and the world. Long-time friends and colleagues visited our booth, as did many new faces who came by to learn about HealthLevel and the benefits of our radiology business operations platform, Foundations™. We learned a lot from the people that we spoke with. Below, we share the top three takeaways from our conversations.

1. Access to Real-time Data is Crucial

Among all the questions about Foundations™ that we were asked, the most common was, “Does it provide real-time data?” The answer to that question is a resounding “yes”. Even with robust analytics solutions, many of our visitors expressed their disappointment with outdated data. They explained how delays in data delivery negatively impacted their ability to efficiently manage their radiology operations. Imagine finding out a week later that a scanner was down at one of your facilities. How much revenue was lost and could it have been brought back online sooner if the right people knew about it? Or, imagine how satisfaction for both patients and employees could be improved with same-day analytics about capacity planning. These examples conveyed a message that was loud and clear: real-time data is expected for the successful operation of a modern radiology business.

2. Data Must be Granular to be Valuable

The other common theme we picked up on was the need for detailed data. Our visitors shared that their analytics solutions provided vasts amount of data, but fell short. Many told us they didn’t have the ability to drill into the data, and this forced them to manually create new reports showing the detail they needed. Their analytics solutions provided surface-level numbers, but didn’t provide any actionable insights. In the worst situations, the types of available reports were also limited, further reducing visibility into operational health. These conversations what we already knew about Foundations™: for data to be meaningful, it must be detailed, relevant, and trustworthy.

3. Trusting the Data is Vital for Adoption

Our visitors also elaborated on the importance of trusting data. This happens through purpose and transparency. “Faster is not always better,” one booth visitor stated. We agree. The purpose of efficiency is not about doing things faster, but about doing things better with less resources. We strive for efficiencies to reduce burnout and increase staff morale – not the opposite. Another conversation revealed that the availability of granular data builds trust because it promotes transparency instead of a feeling of constantly being watched. Each of these examples underscored that analytics tools will be used when the data is trustworthy.


We reflect on these RSNA 2022 conversations with deep gratitude. We appreciate the insights shared with us and the time spent to receive an onsite demo of Foundations™. Many of our conversations are continuing post-RSNA, but if you didn’t get a chance to attend this year or stop by our booth, we invite you to reach out to us for more information. Until then, we look forward to a great 2023, including our attendance of the next RSNA annual event!

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