Nearly every organization has access to analytics. Many are concluding, however, that they need more than numbers to drive operational improvements — analytics alone is not enough. They need actionable insights that are accessible by all team members within their respective organizations. A growing number of radiology businesses are turning to Foundations™ by HealthLevel as the way to solve for this. This platform is driving value for everyone within the organization, whether it is reducing radiologist stress-levels through useful charts or decreasing operational costs through improved workflow efficiencies. Foundations™ customers have reported increased net margins (upwards of 32%), increased productivity (25%), reduced workloads, and made some meetings completely unnecessary. In the aggregate, they’ve experienced time -savings, increases in financial health, and improvements to quality.

Many practices, diagnostic centers, and teleradiology businesses across the United States are challenged with increasing operational costs and shrinking bottom lines. Inflation, staffing shortages, and decreasing reimbursements are just a few examples contributing to this. Compounding the severity are technological limitations preventing many business leaders from efficiently scaling their operations in lockstep with market demands, leaving them to manage their operational health with outdated reports and spreadsheets.

With no end in sight, radiology leaders have begun looking into technology investments that support their business operations on the same level as their patient care. Those who have invested in Foundations™ are finding value in its ability to blend clinical, financial, and operational data into a single source of truth, complete with metrics dashboards, predictive analytics, and automated workflows. Leaders and staff across the organization make operational improvements using the same KPIs and objectives, leading to more efficient operations that lower operational costs and increase net margins.

Based in Mountain View, California, HealthLevel is the developer of Foundations™. With over 12 years in market, HealthLevel has seen Foundations™ implemented across more than 130+ medical centers and used by over 8,000 users nationwide, driving value to government and commercial radiology operations. In addition to providing historical and forecasted analytics, Foundations™ offers solutions for improving clinical quality (e.g., automated peer review), managing resource utilization, and improving workflow efficiency (e.g., patient flow and appointment scheduling insights.)

“Many people may feel that they already have a suitable in-house solution, but our customers will tell you that Foundations™ is unmatched in its capabilities and usefulness,” states Parag Paranjpe, HealthLevel CEO and founder. “They’ve shared that on average they’ve saved 40 staff hours a month from not having to manually create spreadsheet reports, many of which were already outdated once delivered. Compare this with Foundations™ – those previously dependent on data warehouse reporting or spreadsheets are now able to share their insights more broadly, with real-time data, and visualizations that are tailored to each specific role.”

This story originally appeared in Radiology News Daily, RSNA 2023 edition.

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