This news story originally appeared in the November 2022 issue of Healthcare Business Review.

HealthLevel has recognized the need for having deep insights into clinical, financial, and operational data. These insights are essential for the growth and survival of any modern healthcare organization. With increasing competition in the healthcare market, it’s vital that all staff be empowered with knowledge to make incremental changes that benefit the business and improve the delivery of patient care. The very best improvements are achieved when staff operate from the same insights and work together toward a common goal.

Foundations™ is HealthLevel’s SaaS product that makes it possible for team members across an organization to access deep insights into their business operations. With minimal training, they can log into this secure platform to attain easy-tounderstand insights in (near) real-time. They use their learnings to address gaps in clinical operations and financial workflows. Staff is better informed to make decisions, and they’re better aligned across the organization because they’re using the same reports. Care delivery is made more efficient as operational burdens are alleviated and clinical quality is improved.

One such customer of HealthLevel’s Foundations™—a business operations platform—is the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). They launched the National Teleradiology Program (NTP) in 2007 as an initiative to expand telehealth care access across the United States. The VHA integrated Foundations™ to drive their operational efficiency. Since then, NTP has grown from 10-15 hospitals to more than 130 with over a million patients and over three thousand active users.

“Our customers use Foundations™ on a daily basis to manage their business operations. They tell us that it has broken down departmental silos. Communications have improved because everyone is using at the same data, employees are happier because of reduced burnout, and improved efficiencies have led to increased revenues,” says Parag Paranjpe, founder and CEO of HealthLevel.

Meanwhile, the radiology industry is facing its own challenges. Reimbursements are decreasing and patient volumes are increasing. There’s also a shortage of qualified staff and subject matter experts, mainly doctors and technologists in clinical and non-clinical roles. Furthermore, the gap between leadership and employees is widening due to a lack of insights from common datasets. This leads to inefficient workflows resulting in dissatisfied employees, staff burnout, and revenue losses.

Our customers use Foundations™ every day to manage their business operations. They’ve improved staff communications, reduced burnout, and increased revenues.

As a SaaS solution, Foundations™ organizes vast datasets into reports that are valued by staff members at all levels. With insights that are both personalized and actionable, it engages large audiences efficiently and meaningfully. Since everyone is using the same datasets, they can focus on improving operational efficiencies rather than debating the quality of data from competing insights. For instance, they work together on ROI analysis, and they also measure clinical performance such as procedure counts, access to care, and turnaround times. Actionable insights enable them to improve relationships with patients and the care delivered to them. Leadership is also better informed to make decisions about sustainable medical practices that improve the overall business. In short, Foundations™ drives the efficiency of operational performance across the entire organization by delivering a single source of truth.

By bringing together clinical, financial, and operational data, Foundations™ delivers actionability into the overall operations of a business. Leadership and staff are empowered with useful data to improve efficiencies at the individual, group, and organizational levels. And businesses can optimize their operational resources. HealthLevel’s Foundations™ is well-positioned to address the challenges facing the radiology industry.

HealthLevel is the creator of Foundations™, a radiology business operations platform. By combining financial, clinical, and operational data, it uses analytics to paint a complete picture of a business’s operations. It engages every team member to confidently take actions that improve productivity and increase the bottom line. Learn more.

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