Maximize Your Operational Resources

Use Foundations™ to get a complete picture of your healthcare business’s performance. Get actionable insights. Increase your bottom line.

Unified Metrics

By securely bringing together real-time clinical, operational, and financial data under one roof, Foundations™ provides an on-demand, interactive source of truth for every team member to act on. Learn more.

Engaged Staff

With an intuitive user interface, Foundations engages all team members to eliminate burnout and improve performance. Learn more.

Actionable Insights

Insights available through Foundations™ are actionable, promoting sound changes to business operations that lead to high levels of efficiency. Learn more.

Breathing Data

Into Your Life

“Analyzing the market you serve will help you serve it more intelligently. 

 Analyzing the way you serve your market will help you serve it more efficiently.”

Ray Scott – Former CEO Axolotl Corp.

We are HealthLevel, the Creator of Foundations

Foundations™ is a SaaS healthcare business operations platform that integrates clinical, financial, and operational data into a single source of truth, engaging team members in the optimization of their organization’s performance. Learn more.

Foundations™ – The Business Operations Platform of Choice for Healthcare Organizations

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