If every organization had a reporting tool and data warehousing solution, why would its staff want anything else? They could just keep using what they have and still expect to achieve optimal operating efficiency, right? Not necessarily. Modern businesses require solutions that meet the demands of modern customers, and that’s where a business operations platform comes in.

Data is Fragmented

A data warehouse attempts to unify a variety of data sources. However, a reporting tool is also needed to access its insights. This solution may be inefficient and expensive, and the reports it produces may not even meet the needs of the organization. Furthermore, access may be limited to members of the IT staff, reports may take weeks to deliver, and an analyst may be needed to interpret the data.

These problems quickly added up and become barriers that prohibit the engagement of staff throughout the organization. Even with a substantial investment in data warehouses and reporting tools, it’s still common to hear statements like “we don’t have enough data” or “we have a lot of reports, but they’re not easy to use. They actually creating more problems for us.”

In short, data is not enough. Actionable insights are a requirement for the successful operation of a modern healthcare business. For example, patient safety, quality, and efficiency are all driven to higher operating standards when staff have access to meaningful analytics.

Data Warehouses and Reporting Tools are Limited

CIOs work diligently to ensure their IT departments are serving the needs of their customers. However, they’re faced with a growing number of healthcare applications and business workflows that further fragment the availability and usefulness of data. Organizations have moved beyond the need for surface-level reports with face-value charts or data points, which is precisely what many data warehouses + reporting solutions deliver.

The expectation from end-users is no longer “give me reports” but instead “in real time, show me what needs to be done and within the context of the big picture.” Users need to be able to trust the data so they can take action. The availability of (and demand for) data and insights is no longer limited to a handful of privileged users; members of the entire organization, from the C-suite to front-line, demand useful and trustworthy data.

A Better Solution

A business operations platform is not just a reporting tool or data platform—it’s a means by which an organization runs its business.

It delivers trustworthy, actionable insights to a large number of users through efficient means. Access is not limited to just IT personnel or analysts – the entire organization can access the same insights through an intuitive user interface. Furthermore, personalized data is delivered to every user by role, and that means they get information that’s relevant to their jobs. The clinical, operational, and financial data comes is correlated in real-time, overcoming disjointed data sets and creating a complete picture of the business. This results in more engaged staff, reduced burnout, and increased operating efficiency.

The Benefits of a Business Operations Platform

A business operations platform is designed to be used by members of the entire organization and helps each of them contribute to the efficient operation of the business. There’s greater trust in the data because its granular and is personalized for each team member. Leadership and staff both experience significant time savings, increased productivity, and reduced burnout. The benefits trickle throughout the organization; e.g., there more alignment during performance reviews and there’s more collaboration with planning. Ultimately, a business operations platform enables a business to run more efficiently, leading to increased profitability.

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